feature art friday | annabelle marquis

i am in love.

i am head over heels, one hundred percent, in love. so here's the thing. i love art. if you know me, or basically if you have ever read a single entry in this blog you know that i love art. 

but - be still my heart. for i saw something today that makes every piece of art paler in comparison. i was so struck by the beauty that my eyes literally welled up because i was so overcome with emotion. it was like the shattering of colour had exploded outwards from the painting and hugged me. i felt completely enveloped in its cloud and its passion. 

these works by annabelle marquis, from montreal, are quite simply, the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. i promise that one day i will buy one, commission one or curate a show full of them. for now, i will pine for them, and visit this portfolio often. 

 petite symphonie florale. annabelle marquis. mixed media on canvas. 

khrôma. annabelle marquis. mixed media on canvas.
 la joie d'hephaistos. annabelle marquis. mixed media on canvas.

 red blossom. annabelle marquis. mixed media on canvas. 


  1. So beautiful! As a person (that's me) that doesn't have a natural talent with color, these are unbelievable.

  2. Your being smitten is completely understandable. Let me know when you curate that show, because I want to come and stare at these in person for hours!


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