sunday seller | madison street beauty

i so very rarely mention make-up or beauty products on this blog.* what i mostly post about is art. the way madison street beauty has photographed her products, and put together her etsy shop is art! i love to visit this shop simply to delight my eyes with the splats of colour and perfectly filled pots of powder. it's no secret that ladies like their beauty products to be well...beautiful before they put them on. and madison street beauty has that aspect covered.**

i would love to see an exhibition of these photographs. there wouldn't need to be any sort of underlying message in the exhibition, and no guessing about what the photo is of - just didactics that say something like: "powdered eye shadow, pretty cool huh?" or "mineral foundation, lovely even when it spills!"

for FIFTY PERCENT OFF your first order, use the code FAN50***


* though that's not to say i don't have a huge collection of them! let's put it this way, my husband keeps his five products in another bathroom because there's no room with all of mine!
** that's a make up joke...cover up...tee hee.
*** whaaaaa? could she be more generous?


  1. Ooooo! These are lovely! Wow. I love the way it's photographed! I would never think of that if I were selling them.

  2. What?!? That's a crazy discount, and one that I will be using! Thanks, Kaitlyn and Madison Street Beauty!


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