sunday seller | cabin

when i discovered this etsy seller i was kicking myself for developing a blog schedule because it meant i had to wait two weeks before i could post about cabin+cub! this seller has been on etsy for ages but that doesn't make it any less new to me...or amazing! i just adore the cute childish imagery on the wood style background. when i have a little bit of extra money in my pay pal account, i am going to get a series of these prints (or maybe just one of the original collages) and hang it proudly in my home. it strikes me as a work of art that will make me smile every time i see it!*

* tell me you're not smiling now!


  1. hi Kaitlyn,

    thanks so much for visiting me. the complement you left me was amazing and so very appreciated!!!

    your space is a charmed spot indeed. total harmonization of all the elements. i've loved cabin+cub for a long time - definite smile inducer for sure : )

    happy Sunday lades! ♥

  2. wow, they are amazing. Thanks for posting x

  3. Anonymous11.9.11

    I love all the little treasures you can find on Etsy...


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