feature art friday | angela grossmann

i am entirely charmed by these artworks of young girls by angela grossmann. from the series 
alpha girls," grossman looks at coming of age themes and the emotional world of teenage girls. in the past, this artist has been known to pull collage pieces of imagery from images of young wwii orphans as well as british prisoner mugshots. here she plays with the underlying narrative of paper dolls and the stereotypes they reinforce. 

i love how dirty these images are and how they almost make me feel uncomfortable. these are the types of images i could stare at forever in an art gallery. the works are also entirely relevant in a world where girls are exploring their sexuality at younger ages each and every year.


  1. somewhat scary pieces of art!! they are very beautiful too... good find! xox

  2. Thought-provoking, interesting to look at and beautiful. Thank you finding these pieces and sharing with us all.


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