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project twenty-six | write down your thoughts about your job - what you like about it, what you hate about it, where you think it's going and how it relates to what you truly want to accomplish in your life.
watch the movie "ikiru" by akira kurosawa.
right after the movie, write down your thoughts about your job...etc etc.

alteration | that movie is incredibly hard to find. and since i'm not going to spend money and buy it off of amazon, i'm going to have to skip that part.

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as i mentioned in a previous post, i've made a bit of a change to my career* and i quit one of my gallery jobs to replace it with another. yesterday was my last day at that job and i'm so relieved. i loved that i got to meet a variety of artists, i adored my older colleagues and the energy of the area that i worked in was lovely. on the flip side however, i was technically restricted from developing projects or a relationship with those artists, conversations with my co-workers were punctuated by our unhappiness and the location was not at all close/convenient to my home. above all, i was incredibly affected (negatively) by the person i was working for. however, you do what you have to in order to make a living so i tried to make the best of the situation by constantly remembering the upsides.

then a couple weeks ago i decided to take hold of my life and and my own happiness. hopefully what i will be doing now is more in line with what i eventually want to be doing in a public gallery.

and it feels good.

* can i call it a career yet?


  1. Good for you! I think that is awesome! You'll have to let me know how you like your new job. :)

  2. Sounds like you have the right attitude. We'll look forward to hearing about the new job.

  3. If it's what you've decided you want to do with your life, it's your career. Definitely. It might just be the early stages of it.


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