feature art friday | alexandra hunter

i'm so delighted to announce that i'm making a bit of a life change and moving into a gallery position that is more suited to my interests. in addition to working for iconic yukon artist ted harrison, i will also now be working for a new gallery. there's really exciting things happening at this gallery, which exhibits and supports local emerging talent.

i know i don't talk about work very often, but i often share the art i discover at work when it inspires or touches me. i was incredibly drawn to the paintings at this gallery by alexandra hunter. there is something entirely magical about these pieces. the way the artist blends the blues, greens and golds together is simple stunning - the works have a glow and a real sense of joy about them. to get literal for a moment, this first work (which i believe is encaustic), makes me think of a life-time of birthday candles, all layered upon each other throughout the years.


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