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for the past year, i've been taking photos of my stationery at night, on top of a beautiful black and white canvas transfer that j gave me a couple christmases ago. it's not a terrible backdrop but it's dark and heavy and when i visit my favourite shops i feel a sense of lightness that mine is missing. and so...plan "change photo backdrop"* has gone into action!

below is a photo of my pink ferris wheel envelopes. it's fine, but it's not great. i have to fade out my photos sooo much in order to get rid of the yellow cast caused by indoor lighting. this results in untrue colours on my pink products!

 so j and i spent over an hour in home depot last friday trying to put together a new backdrop.** we ended up buying a white painted wood slab, a plain unfinished pine slab, some stain and a couple hinges. the last photo shows how my photos will look now - what do you think??


* catchy huh?
** twenty minutes of that time involved us actually picking out the products. the other forty plus minutes was me desperately trying top express my vision and him trying to explain to me how hinges work.


  1. I love it! Especially the lightness that it brings. It really makes your products pop. :)

  2. ps. im stealing this.

  3. Awe, what a great idea! :D And thanks for dropping by!

    Hope you're having a fab week! ;)


  4. what a difference in the colours, wow!

  5. i love the new backdrop! even though i'm new, i think it's great & i think it brings that "pop" you were hoping for. i always find it hard to photograph my work. especially trying to tell someone my "vision". i think you did fantastic!! and i'm loving your blog. thanks for commenting so i could find you!

  6. Love this! What a great idea.

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