thoughts on | being a "newlywed"

i thought that i would leave saturdays open in my blog schedule (yes i have a blog schedule, if you didn't notice then that's great!). but on friday nights or saturday mornings, i have no idea what i am going to post about. which is a total pet peeve of mine. (not the not knowing, the telling your readers that you don't know what to write.) so oops, i just committed a crime in my own books. awnawa*,  i clearly work better with an organized blog schedule so saturdays on isavirtue will now consist of total ramblings on random subjects.**

"newlywed" is in quotations for two reasons. first, because i've never been convinced that it how it should be properly spelt. i see it written like that all the time but by all other rules of the english language, it should be "newliweds."

secondly, we (she's doing the "we" thing already??) dislike the term because it suggests that you are just beginning your relationship together. in reality, j and i have been together for almost six point five years, and six before we got married. plus we've lived together for three years this month so it's not like any of that is new to us. nothing is really new, except of course that fact that we are now officially married. a fact which we often have to remind each other of.

now that is a real fact. we will be doing something totally mundane, like walking to pick up milk, or getting ready for bed, or stacking the dishwasher*** and i will say "hey! did you realize that we are married?" and j will say "oh ya...crazy huh?"

or i'll be lounging on the couch while watching tv and j will suddenly lean over me and say "you're my wife!" as if he just realized this fact at that very moment. i'll admit the whole marriage thing is a bit of a shock to both of us. but that doesn't make us "new to each other."

on the upside - despite the time we've been together, and the comfort and familiarity, we are still pretty obsessed with one another. we're constantly playing with each other and are rarely at a total loss for things to talk about together.

for now anyway, lol!

* j is kind of obsessed with saying this lately. it's "anyway" but in a really strong european accent (perhaps danish or german?). it comes out sounding like "awnawaaaa..." it reminds me of the party planner in "father of the bride" actually.
** on second thought that doesn't sound very organized does it?
*** this is not actually a mundane task when we do it. let's put it this way, we call it "dishwasher tetris."


  1. This may just be my favorite post you've done, ever! :D I love just hearing about your life.

  2. agreed. while i love your posts about all kinds of things artsy and seeing what you do - my favorite posts are the ones that are intimately about you (and J [minus the h] - of course).

  3. I love how these are going to be random posts!!1

    I totally think the term newlyweds has changed it's meaning. I mean, in the old days it makes sense. But relationships have changed and people do things differently these days. But still, being a newlywed I bet can be magical in it's own, new way. Too cute what J does!

    You two are too adorable!! :)

  4. This is a bit off topic, but how gorgeous is your wedding dress?? Love!

  5. Anonymous16.8.11

    I love this post! I feel the same way, What I found funny was the question people would ask 'How does it feel to be married?' 'Is it any different?' NO. Jeez what do people think? Life goes on just the same, it's not like we enter some strange married folk dimension. Weirdos. haha.

  6. This is such a sweet post! I love those little moments of "Oh hey, we're married! How crazy!" It's good to remember the specialness of it sometimes. Also, I love you dress too :)

  7. What a great post. Newly wed myself, I would have to agree with your thoughts on this. I do feel the term is a bit outdated. I also think our generation has really learned from the past, and are really getting to know someone better and are not rushing into marriage like people used to.


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