feature art friday | jen mann

i've become totally obsessed with watercolour paintings lately. i guess it's because i keep coming across young female artists who take this medium and turn it on it's head. they create something modern and unique. the two previous artists i mentioned, jessica durrant and cate parr, create striking images with bold colours. their work doesn't fall into that traditional style of watercolour painting that fades into the background decor.

i came across this artist, jenn mann (she's canadian i love it!) on daydream lily because i saw some watercolours she did (god i think they were watercolours, mediums get mixed so often these days it's hard to tell if it was just watered down acrylics!) regardless, i love her style. it's very strong and feminine. many of her  images are dreamy and even more are...dare i say it...sexy!


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  2. Oh wow! These are so amazing!! I love them so much. New favourite artist I think!


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