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today's post contains a bit of irony because although my last name is patience, and my blog is titled "isavirtue," my husband is truly the one with the most patience.

hold up, let me clarify that. the man looks like he's going to explode when he's stuck behind a slow driver, or while he's standing in a seemingly endless queue. but, when it comes to me, my husband has all the patience in the world.

when the situation is literal and he's waiting for me to get ready - he is patient. he never rushes me or tells me what i'm doing doesn't matter. when i'm upset (with him or with life) - he is patient. he lets me rant and rave, sometimes i even call him names but he is patient and waits for my mood to pass. when he is teaching me something and i don't understand the concept - he is patient. in fact he relishes those moments in which he gets to share his knowledge with me.

sometimes i feel guilty. why should this part of our relationship be so lopsided? but most of the time i feel like the luckiest woman in the world. because i have this caring, generous and oh so patient man to deal with my fair-weather emotions.

and besides, i don't mind line ups and i'm very calm on the roads - so maybe there is a bit of balance there after all?


  1. Anonymous27.8.11

    Sounds like a gem! Patience truely is a virtue haha !

  2. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I wanna see more wedding pics!

  3. maybe patience is inherent with the Jo(h)ns...? And lacking in names starting with "K"...

  4. This is so wonderful. This post just made my heart all warm.
    And that dress is just, ah, so good on you.

  5. This is such a sweet and lovely post! My boyfriend is very much the same, and I feel so guilty when he's so patient with me and I'm in a mood swing sort of fit, but at the same time I feel so incredibly lucky. Cheers to great guys! Yes, ladies, they're out there. :)


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