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this is project thirty-four of fifty-two projects. for more completed projects click here.

project thirty-four | photograph your bookshelves. then make a list of every book that's on the shelves, putting a check mark beside the ones you've actually read. next, make a list of all the books that aren't on your shelves that you've read over the years. and then make still another list, this one noting all the books you want to read but haven't, yet.

alteration | i'm not letting you see my husband's office where the books are kept so i've pulled my favourites from my four book shelves and photographed them in the living room. i'll try to remember some of the books i've read that touched me, but i don't own - this will be difficult. i won't make a list of all the books i want to read, but will direct you elsewhere.

how do i feel about books? great! books can transport you to an entirely different reality. they can play with your emotions, inspire you and comfort you. i've been reading since i was very little but i have a rule to only ever read books that make me feel good. that's not to say i shy away from books with sad subject matter, only that i don't force myself to read things i won't enjoy because i think it will "better me" as a person. i also don't think books need to be babied and kept in perfect condition. i'm a big fan of the "dog ear bookmark."

i've divided my favourites into two shelves of books - art, and fiction. those are the only type of books on my shelves - except for some recipe books which i definitely do not read but am ambitiously keeping for the day i decide i like to cook. see below for my most adored favourites.

the above images show my art books, not including coffee table and picture books (though i highly recommend the banksy book "wall and piece" and andy goldsworthy's "time"). my first favourite art book* is "what makes a great exhibition?" (the blue one) which is a series of essays from people in various artistic and curatorial roles. my second is john berger's "ways of seeing." this book is hard to describe but is literally about art and the way we see the world around us. it's truly enlighting (the orange one, plus it's tiny and a very easy read so pick it up!). finally, i'm a disturbingly huge fan of "exhibit labels" by beverly serrell. i believe wall text can make or break an art exhibition and what they say can speak volumes about what the curator is trying to say.

an honorary mention goes to paul goldberger's "why architecture matters" because he basically proved/backed up the whole point of my graduate thesis (the space of a room or building can change the way art is perceived).

above are some of my favourite fiction novels. the first four in the first picture are my most favourite. i've read "the red tent," "the slap," "fall on your knees" and "summer sisters" over and over again. i also have  tons of jodi picoult and anita shreve books.

some books i've read and loved that i don't own are: "prep" (i really connected with the main character), "the way the crow flies" (another one by the author of "fall on your knees") and a really cool book about twin women - one gets lost during cruise/ship wreck and everyone thinks she's dead so the other twin steps into her place. i think it's called "a tangled web"??

i always keep a list of books i want to read on goodreads.com. feel free to friend me, i'm under "isavirtue" (obviously).

*  it's so hard to choose!!


  1. I love this post! I visit, I check out your book shelf, I read a magazine, i turn it side ways so i can see what they read. I wish there was a show-us-your-book-shelf linky somewhere, I'd love it! "The land has memory' I love the title, I must look it up...

  2. Judy Blume! I love her. I haven't read a book from her in YEARS. I need to get on that.

  3. 2 Things:

    A: have you read other Alice Sebold books?? If you like The Lovely Bones you'll dig her other ones. I can lend them to you if you like...

    B: Also a BIG fan of dog earing my books. It gives them a history and a life and contributes to the this-book-was-loved feeling. It's part of the art of the book.

  4. your "art" shelf looks a lot like mine!

  5. Anonymous1.9.11

    Oooh, i love a good book shelf. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great post! I'm an avid reader and always love seeing what book others value! Also, I'm an art history student so I really like some of your selections! Also, I'm quite interested in your thesis! Mind sharing some more details? :)



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