what i made | is not necessarily tangible

i've been working so hard on my e-course this past week that i didn't make any time to do any paper crafting.* so i thought i would give you a little sneak peek at what i have been working so diligently on - a snippet from my e-course "make art a part (of your life)," available for purchase on august fourth:


"there is no doubt about it  - art can be intimidating. sometimes it can be downright alienating! have you ever been to an art gallery with a friend and found yourself standing in front of a piece of wildly inexplicable contemporary art, feeling totally awkward? you don't want to embarrass yourself by not "understanding" the piece. you're not sure what you are supposed to be thinking, and you have no idea what to do with your body. should you stand close? far away? do you thoughtfully raise your fist beneath your chin like rodin's thinker? chances are your friend is feeling the exact same way.

you shouldn't ever let art make you feel uncomfortable."

the course will offer a number of projects so that you may try your hand at different art forms. guest contributers include lindsay from scenic glory, mollie from wild olive and zoe from pretty zoo.

* it's not actually that i didn't make time, i'm just so excited about this new project!
** this art work is called ferragosto ii by mid century artist cy twombly.


  1. So fun! :D you are so talented kaitlyn!

  2. Haha. Love this image!


  3. What an innovative idea Kadi!

  4. wow, just found your blog and l.o.v.e everything about it! really droolin' over your stationary and etsy store too. glad to be following you, now, friend.



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