cy twombly

i just found out that cy twombly passed away yesterday. i also posted an artwork by twombly last night - unaware of his passing. i kind of feel horrible, and i kind of feel like it's kismet. i feel that in a way i was making fun of his work, but i wasn't really. in my e-course i use his artwork to show how art can be confusing and sometimes intimidating. and then i go on to show how you can come to appreciate it, and why twombly's work for example, is exquisite.

twombly, when i first saw your chalkboard pieces in my second year of university, i was at a loss for words. for various reasons. i slowly became enthralled by them, and the rest of your oeuvre. and i won't lie to you, when i saw your work at moma in 2007, i cried  little bit.
and now, your colours move me, your brushstrokes colour me happy and your gestural artwork leaves me breathless.

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  1. I studied him too and his work will forever move me. He was such a great artist the colour and gestures are incredible and he will definately inspire people forever.


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