jewelry chooseday | goal achieved...for now

if you will recall, last week i was aching for a light blue bracelet with swirls of white in it. like a cross between a blue pacific opal* and a green turquoise**. well, i'm happy to say i found something to satiate my need...for now. it's not the same as the bracelet in the first picture*** but it (or should i say they?) do the trick and i've been staring at my wrist a lot mesmerized by the colours...

* did you know there is such a thing as blue jasper? i may or may not be having a custom piece made with this stone...
** i'm actually not obsessed with stones or gems. i promise i don't really know a thing about them!
*** and i think i will always be on the search for that exact style


  1. so pretty!! i love that color of blue! :)

  2. SO pretty and so glad you found one!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I LOVE THOSE accessories! I went to Charming Charlie JUST to get a blue/tourquoise-ish colored bracelet or necklace to match some earrings of mine! I am on the hunt for that color. Those are pretty! And thanks for entering the giveaway! :)

    Ashley Sloan

  4. Have to say, I really do like the bold block-armband in the first, but I also love your bracelets! ❤


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