mail art monday | the mail art challenge

happy e-course launch week!!! boy, am i excited!* i have absolutely no illusions that anyone will be lining up to register for this course but i wanted to note two things before i get into my mail art monday post.

one | there is no specific session time. anyone can register and participate in the course at anytime.

two | the course will officially be open at midnight this wednesday night. however, the course is open for purchase now but invites to the private course website will be sent on august fourth.

so, mail art monday. when i first introduced the mail art challenge, i was optimistic and placed six for sale on etsy. they are now all sold! so tonight i made some more packages and you can purchase them here. i hope to receive some mail or some images from more of the previous buyers any day now!

* should i maybe say "girl, am i excited!"?

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  1. sugar pop i just went to your etsy site and can't find number 3! i want it!! XO


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