make art a part (of your life) | the e-course

i thought i would give you some more sneak peaks into my upcoming art e-course (click here). i have started to receive the art projects which will make up the last/ongoing component of the course and they are just awesome! here are some snippets from some of the projects you will find in the course:

image via: make art a part (of your life) e-course courtesy of mollie johanson's embroidery project

mollie from wild olive | embroidery project
"the art of embroidery has many forms...but my favourite is surface embroidery. using only a few types of stitches, you can create amazing art, useful things, and some cuteness just for fun!"

kait from miss kait online | typography project
"you have no idea what typography is?! well it's fonts, and letters and type! but more than that... typography can make or break a good design or piece of art, and can often be a form of art all on it's own! sigh, it's a beautiful thing really!"

"to cook: the oxford english dictionary defines cooking as a verb to prepare by mixing, combining, and heating the ingredients so that the state required for eating is reached. i define cooking as my life."

lily from little birds | drawing project
"it's never too late to start drawing. it doesn't matter if you are 15 or 55, all that matters is that you have the will to start. drawing a picture is a lot simpler than it looks  and believe me, there is no such thing as 'i can't.'"


  1. I think this is so awesome!! I'm not sure what sort of place I'll be in my life when it starts though! AH!

  2. Anonymous24.7.11

    This e-course sounds amazing! Good luck with it. :]


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