feature art friday | yuko takada keller

i was beyond excited when i saw the google image for today. my boss at work can attest to the fact i literally squealed when i saw the alexander calder mobile in html5. and suffice to say i squealed squared when i discovered that you could spin the mobile by pulling it with your mouse. calder is one of my favourite artists, and in fact is one of the reasons i have a mobile obsession.

now, add to that mobile obsession: barely there, pale coloured, weightless paper and everybody's a winner! these installation sculptures by yuko takada keller are just heavenly. they are a breath of fresh air...air that i would like to breathe every day...ideally in my living room. if i worked in a gallery that exhibited one of these pieces, i would go to work half an hour early, and stay late every shift, just so that i could sit in the gallery and stare at it in silence.


  1. What?! How did I not know that some google images move?! And I missed it! :(

    These are seriously incredible.

  2. I love these pieces! The sense of movement is breathtaking.

  3. Anonymous23.7.11

    In LOVE with those colors!

  4. Oh, thank you for sharing this!! It's simply magical.

    And I'm totally with you on the go early/stay late. It would be silence well spent.

  5. oh my goodness! those are soooo cool!


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