monday mail art | lucy a

i am so very excited to share with you the results of the very first mail art challenge! lucy a. from being of sound mind purchased the mail art challenge when it was first posted and after a kerfuffle with the mail system, she finally received it, completed it...and sent it back to me!* i was delighted to find this little goodie in the mail and it was neat to see all the separate pieces i sent out come back to me as a complete creation.

there are so many fantastic little details in lucy's design. she cut out my name and pasted it on the back, the postage is an artsy stamp, there's a man looking up a girl's skirt and a woman wearing a hand drawn hat and pipe. i think she may even have cut my return address out and used it as the address block here! and so i present to you, all the way from wales...

* i didn't even think to have the mail art challenge sent back to me...what a great idea!


  1. OH wow!! I'm always blown away by the art shared on your blog and this one is no different! She did such a lovely job!! :D And so cool that it was sent from Wales. :)

  2. I have been wondering if this got to you! I will now get moving with my new blog and do a post explaining my inspiration. I did cut the address from your original letter - I liked how small it was!
    I must have run out of inspiration when it came to writing something on the paper, a load of nonsense flew from the pen. What a journey this particular mail art challenge has been on eh?

  3. i love this! how awesome and pretty! i adore great mail items, especially from someone you least expect...going to check this out:)

  4. are you kidding lucy? i loved what you wrote, it was such a great little poem!!

  5. I just found your blog today, it's great!
    I'm a huge sucker for collages and snail mail..so the two of them together rule :) So pretty!


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