fifty-two projects | project eight

this is project eight of fifty-two projects. click here to see more completed projects.

project eight: make a poster. it can be sized however you want. in terms of what should be on your poster, that's wide open. the poster can be political, it can promote something you need to get the word out about, it can feature your art, or it can just be something that looks cool and is totally nonsensical. anything. once your poster is done, post it all over. 

alteration: these are not posters in your traditional sense...but close enough!

when i first saw this project it reminded me of a project i did in university. we had to make posters about something we believed in. so i created posters* that encouraged people to think about art different - the slogan was something like "art: add real tradition." what can i say, i love good acronym! so for this project i made little mini posters for my e-course...and you know, just to draw people's attention in general!

* oh, how i wish i could show you pictures of them. i posted a blog reminiscing about these posters a long time ago...but alas, now that my photos have all disappeared from my older blog entries, they are gone forever. how totally painful.


  1. AW!! I wish your pictures would come back! I want to see them! (plus I'm sure you'd appreciate your pictures coming back... it's a win win)
    These posters are SO cute! :D

  2. So sad when pictures disappear from the internet world never to be found again!

    Love these, love the colour muchly! ♥

  3. How annoying that all your pictures from a while ago have disappeared! I love this 52 projects idea :) I'm going to follow along! Maybe it will inspire me for when I get back to uni!
    Can't wait for your e-course!

  4. "like". that sucks about your pics.. i wonder if mine are gone too? :S

  5. You have such a crafty cute blog! I'm sorry about the lost photos.


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