off the grid art crawl

last night i dragged j out to victoria's off the grid art crawl. a lot of the edgier galleries (read: not public galleries) banded together to create this night of revelry. so basically about twenty-six galleries agreed to stay open until ten pm on a friday night and you could wander in for free and check out what they had on display. many of the galleries had munchies and drinks on the go, getting a jump on the after party which was at open space gallery from ten pm until one am! here are some of my favourite images from the night. 

photographs of the greenwashing exhibition at open space. visitors could use markers and collage to add their own notes on this map about business and areas that are known for green washing.

this piece was actually hidden amidst a clive powsey watercolour exhibition in dales gallery. the watercolours were good...but when i turned around and saw this piece i fell in love. something about it felt familiar, and a reading of the label told me what i subconsciously knew, it was by ira hoffecker, an artist we represent at the gallery i work at. i love the little bunch of colour in the top left corner. click here for my favourite hoffecker piece.

a quick photograph i took in chinatown where many of the galleries were.

the million steps leading up to ground zero* printmaking. it was worth the winding though...

*ironic? yes.


  1. This sounds so cool! It kind of reminds me of this thing called Nuit Blanche we have here in toronto, where they shut down the streets from 7pm until around 2am and art is created all over the city in the streets, buildings, homes, etc.

  2. Great photo of the stairs - very intriguing!

  3. I have to say, I am very envious. Last time I hunted out some galleries was about 10 years ago. Glad you had fun. I love the pics. x

  4. love the name, art crawl!

    plus, cute shop!

  5. I would run up and down those steps if i could! No only kidding, my boyfriend would though he loves running! anyways.. i really like the hoffecker piece, it looks so different, for me its something i have never seen anything quite like it before. Very unique :)


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