mail art monday

okay, i'll admit it. i thought yesterday was father's day. so i called my dad bright and early and wished him a happy father's day. he said "thanks darlin'" because you know, he didn't really know when father's day was either. when i reminded j to wish his own dad a happy day, his dad said "isn't that next weekend?" so oops. now i have visions of my dad spending the whole day crying because none of his other three children bothered to say anything on his special day! 

on the upside, this means i was totally on the ball in terms of his gift. i mailed* it out a week and a half ago and it arrived today! even better, i happened to be on the phone with my mother when he opened it! (they are probably coming to visit us in victoria in august!!). so i got to hear him laugh and say "oh ya...the shepherd's pie!" you see, my mom puts a specific seasoning in her shepherd's pie instead of gravy. so now that's the way we like it. the last time i was home my dad put the wrong one in...and we were all very perturbed by the change. it tasted funny too. lucky for him these packages are very clearly marked!


  1. Haha! Love it. :) I would love to get mail from you! It's all so beautiful!! I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now and would love you to enter of course!!

  2. Hey, better early than late!

  3. Nothing wrong with being early. I gave my dad his Father's Day card two weeks ago. Love the package!


  4. Haha, that sounds like something I would do.


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