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isavirtue readers, i don't believe you have met so i would like to formally introduce you to "isavirtue stationery". in my isavirtue etsy shop i sell the kind of stationery that makes it easy for you to write a letter. my products include envelopes, writing paper, journals and envelope seals - all you need is the stamp! 

i sometimes make cards for custom orders (such as invitations or christmas cards because i'm wary of the e-invite trend and adore the tradition of filling a mantle with real christmas cards). however, i believe writing paper is more conducive to a heartfelt words and has more room for your sentiments. cards sometimes feel obligatory and people don't generally write more than a few lines within them. 

there is something about writing paper, inside of a handmade envelope that screams "i care about you and this occasion is special!" i don't think letter writing needs to be a dying art. we should always take that extra step (whether it be sending a letter, handwriting our thoughts, giving notes on non-occasions or purchasing handcrafted items) to show that our intentions towards our friends, family and loved ones are true and meaningful.

i am currently designing my stationery in a black and white palette with hints of 'kraft' but do plan to expand in the future (perhaps with some pink?). i think the contrast of black and white is very striking, modern and aesthetically pleasing. i try to use images that are simple, bold and eye-catching. 
i am very proud of my little shop, and i hope you will find the time to visit!

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  1. Love it!! Congrats, such beautiful work!!! The bicycles are my favorite! :)

  2. Your products looked awesome when you first started and you've only gotten better! Everything looks amazing Kaitlyn. Also, I really love the bikes too! ;D

  3. Those look great! I shall be visiting your shop for my future stationary needs. Well done.

  4. I love your stuff, definitely checking out your shop once again :)

  5. oh! i love writing letters :) your lil shop is so cool. I'll def. check out your shop whenever i need stationery.


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