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i'm a big fan of lindsay over at scenic glory. so when lindsay and victoria of be one of a kind blog took it upon themselves to develop "spread your love" week - i was gung ho to participate!

these two ladies have pointed out that the term "i love myself" is not nearly as prevalent as it should be, especially for women. instead of loving ourselves we are constantly trying to fix problems that exist only in our minds. to help women realize their true beauty, spread your love asks that you take a photograph of yourself with a note telling others what it is that you love.

what about me? i want you to know that writing this post and showing you these pictures is incredibly difficult for me. about three years ago i asked j to take a picture of me from behind. i'm not sure what inspired this request but when i looked at the photo i was one hundred percent shocked. i had absolutely no idea that i was so curvy. my waist goes in really tight (don't get me wrong, i think that's great) but then it puffs out extravagantly at my hips. i suppose i had never seen myself from behind - why would i? i don't look nearly as curvy from the front. and so, it's been a challenge because my self image was entirely skewed and had to be totally re-adjusted. only in the past year have i come to accept and work with my pear shaped lower half. and so...


  1. I think your hips are gorgeous! :) What a fun and cool initiative! I will try to do this myself! Love/xo

  2. Your curves are FABULOUS. One thing that has made me happy in recent years is that curves are making (somewhat of) a comeback - look at Joan on Mad Men, super curvy and super LOVELY and everyone thinks she looks amazing. And you look amazing!

    I too struggle with my hips - mine don't "puff out" as you say so uniformly. I have love handles, then a weird sort of space, and then bazinga, hips. But I'm happy I have curves because, at the risk of TMI, they drive my husband crazy and I know some people would kill to have the ass that I do :)

    So, rock on lady, and thanks for the inspiration today!

  3. THis is wonderful! I'll have to join you on this.

  4. I think you look gorgeous! :) I should join in!

  5. Holy hot mama! I love your hips!

    Also jumpin on the love train... Will be joining you later today. XO

  6. Such a lovely, lovely idea!

  7. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. :)

    I actually got the tape from this site: http://www.cutetape.com/

    They have a great selection!


  8. you have beautiful curves!


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