i confess

i don't often follow "get to know me" blog games. i don't know why - maybe i went a little too crazy with those abcs of me email forwards in high school. but when i came across these confessions posts (here and here), it really amused me. so i'm giving it a go!

i confess | that i just ate four croissants with "the dukan diet" book sitting in my purse (hey, i never claimed i wanted to do anything more than read it...yet.)

i confess | i'm convinced that my wedding rings make my finger look fat. i consciously position my finger a particular way when people ask to see my rings.

i confess | that i have a little moolah on the side which j doesn't know about (don't worry, he never reads my blog)

i confess | it makes me angry that my husband does not read my blog.

i confess | that i secretly like to work by myself.

i confess | that i have only one pair of pants that fit me, which is 89% of the reason i wear dresses all the time.*

i confess | i don't think i am nice enough to my husband. this is awful because he still loves me soooo much.

i confess | that i do not brush my teeth when i stay at home all day.

i confess | i don't feel guilty about ordering from all saints on a bi-monthly basis.

i confess | i just ate a fifth croissant.

*11% of me wants you to know they really truly are that damn easy and comfortable**
** if you don't make yourself mad trying to find an appropriate shoe***
*** what the bejeezus did we do before ballet flats came into trend?


  1. Love it! Sadly enough, i don't brush my teeth when I'm at home all day either. Ick!

  2. I so think about that all the time!!! I remember jelly shoes. But I'm not sure that was as much of a staple as ballet flats. Haha! I have no idea what we did before ballet flats. I heard they were going out of style once and just laughed. Haha!


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