feature art friday | danny brito

when i saw artist danny brito* make a mini zine on a beautiful mess, i was struck by how reminiscent his art was of a spanish surrealist i used to love - remedios varos (more information here). both of their works are affected by a sense of youth, whimsy and just a slight eeriness or awkwardness. however, varos' work is much more historical and dramatic, with grand storylines involving castles, prisoners and lakes of fire (also, everybody always seems to be sewing - woman in confined spaces equals feminist squelching). brito's work has a more modern touch to it and his characters do everyday things, like sip soda, put sweets in their hair and poison their boyfriends. *wink! i would love to have a row of these images in my walk in closet - either that or a commissioned portrait of myself!

* not to be confused with (as i did) "britto"


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