nienke klunder

someone lent me an issue of gup magazine recently - guide to unique photography. it was "the women issue" and i had a grand ol' time admiring the amazing photography and relatable subject matter. there is a lot of simple portrait shots that still managed to take my breath away. there was one artist in particular though who caught my attention - nienke klunder. her work reminds me very much of cindy sherman's, a feminist photographer who also took self portraits dressed in costumes and created a series of images. on that note, the work is also reminiscent of robyn cumming*, because of the way the faces are covered and the "girly" fabrics and materials are used.

these are some of my favourite photographs based on the images in isolation but this series depicting a wealthy woman transforming into someone poor and homeless, and this series of self portraits that look like entirely different people are definitely worth a look as well!

* my post about robyn cumming here.

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