fifty-two projects | project ten

this is project ten of fifty-two projects - not in any particular order.
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project ten: write the story of why you moved to the city in which you currently live.

alteration: no alterations. i love this project just the way it is.

when i was in high-school, back when computer rooms were a novelty, we were assigned to research potential careers. something led me to a job in bc and i thought "that province sounds nice, i wonder what it's like..."

so when the time came to apply to graduate schools, i applied to york (toronto) because the classes sounded great, western (london) because i liked the campus and....well, i was going to apply to ubc (vancouver) but the whole process didn't feel right. the school felt stiff and snotty. since there was a deal for applying to three schools, i dropped ubc and chose the university of victoria instead.

when i was accepted to victoria* the idea of moving there was irresistible. so we packed up, had a goodbye party and spent eight days driving across canada.

best. decision. ever. seriously - i have fallen head over heels in love with this city. it is the perfect amalgamation of city, nature, beauty, culture... victoria, i love you dearly.

* i thank the university gods every day that i didn't choose york (didn't get accepted to western!) because york professors went on strike a halfway through the school year. that would have been awful - i totally would have given up on my degree.


  1. What an incredibly beautiful place! No wonder you love it so.

  2. wow! What a stunning place to live.


  3. Beautiful! I've never been to that part of Canada but I'd love to visit.

  4. wow, this place is so beautiful. Just like heaven...

    Btw I have one question... I love your shop and I'm dreaming about collaboration ( I saw at mybestfriendjules.com that you work with some bloggers). Is it possible?


  5. PS. I'm your new follower :)

  6. It looks incredible! Lucky you!


  7. Oh my goodness... that's gorgeous. Wow.

  8. Oh my gosh I HAVE BEEN there!!! Ah I was in junior high I think. Lucky! :) So gorgeous!

    Ashley Sloan

  9. PS. I'm Ashley_Katinka incase you are wondering who is now following you on Twitter :) Oh and also your blog now!

  10. I'm glad you live here too...

  11. It seems like Victoria was you Kısmet then!? :)

    And thank you for posting these gorgeous images, so vibrant & lovely to look at.


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