feature art friday

as i was posting the next set of pages for the traveling journal, i was reminded of one of my favourite artists - andy goldsworthy. my love for this artwork is really more of a love hate relationship. i love it because the artist moves nature around in unique ways in order to make us notice it, or view it differently. he never uses anything that isn't found naturally in our environment (rocks, leaves, snow, ice, reeds etc).

however, i hate that i will probably never see one of these works of art in person. while goldsworthy does sometimes bring his work indoors, to a gallery space, it is not often, and it certainly is not the same. i have dreams of one day walking through the forest...and coming across a large rock coated fully with wet red leaves...


  1. Gorgeous!!! Wow.

  2. These are very cool, very "challenging" to the eye which I like!

  3. wow i have never seen anything like this before, i really like it aye, especially the rock one!!

  4. I had to make some andy goldsworthy inspired art for college! Was quite fun actually.. :)


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