what i made

this past week i had to bring "dessert squares" to an event. now of course i cannot cook so i chose to make cupcakes (ya, from a box). why do i feel like all bloggers are constantly making cool dishes in the kitchen...can all bloggers cook and bake? am i the odd sheep out? luckily i had a friend who decorates baked goods in her spare time come over to help. she brought all of her cool icing tips and food colourings.

anyways, i thought i would make up for my lack of "from scratch" abilities by making* little signs to pop in the cupcakes. i stamped words like "yum, something good" and "eat me." i think half of the guests thought i was crazy, and the other half were really impressed but all of them tried to hide it from me when they threw them out...as if i didn't know that would happen!

i ate my cupcake before i could take a picture so these cupcake envelopes will just have to do!

*a friend just commented suggesting i "etsy that shit up sister". so i did: find the labels by clicking here.


  1. I think those are adorable!!! :D I love the signs! And no, not all bloggers can cook and bake. I pretend sometimes. But we never see the behind the scenes... hah!

  2. How much do I love you right now??!

    I think I may need something like this to label my cheeses next time I make a charcuterie plate... Etsy that shit up, sister!

  3. i barely blog anymore but i rarely don't cook and bake!

  4. what a CUTE idea! that's seriously genius--definitely doing that the next time i have to bake something! :)

  5. those are so cute! i can bake, but right now, as you know i cannot. thanks for the comment, by the way :)

  6. These are so gorgeous. You are so creative, i really like your work!


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