grow project

for one month, the blog atlantic atlantis has been challenging others to participate in a project called "grow." each week brought forth a new craft/project prompt with the theme of "grow." i was intrigued when project four challenged readers to "grow a pair" and craft something you wouldn't normally make. i've always wanted to try encaustic "painting" but after chatting with a friend who is trying her hand at it, even setting yourself up for a mini encaustic session can be quite the challenge. so i altered it a little bit.

i used crayola crayons,* a number of tea light candles, a palette knife and a mini wood canvas board. i started with the idea that i would crate a tidal wave scene. but then i realized that was way too difficult so i went for what i refer to as a "melt and pour" method - lol! very abstract don't you think?


  1. So cool! Well, I think I need to "grow a pair" and keep up with new things for my paper shop...what shall I try next? Love this idea. :)


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