mail art monday

i was so giddy to receive this belated wedding package in the mail! the wrapping paper was just gorgeous but i think the best part was when the postman handed it to me and said "look at that there handwriting! it's good eh?" and i responded, "i know right? it's like she's a human typewriter."

it was a strange gift to open because the gift was inside a bubblegum machine box. it was a giant bottle of newlywed home and body company handsoap. i'm not gonna lie, j was slightly disappointed that we didn't get a bubblegum machine...

the best part was what she wrote on the card:


  1. You know...I thought about the bubblegum machine box and I KNEW I shouldn't have used it because it would get your hopes up. But it was the only decent sized box I had!

  2. This box is so cute too...gah...mail like this makes your day, no? :)


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