feature art friday

i almost never post images before i post my words* but these pictures certainly warrant it. i have come across these a couple times now - including on the jealous curator blog and honestly wtf. but i could look at these photographs by italian artist alberto seveso over and over again. it's ink. ink in water! i have to keep telling myself that because in certain areas it looks like anything but. the way it dances amidst the water and begins to combine with it near the top is just exquisite - bravo seveso, bravo!

* is it an ego thing?


  1. close, i thought it was dye in water.. love them

  2. So pretty!! It does look like fabric! The movement is So smooth. :)

  3. You're so right!
    I thought it was smoke! It's magical and hypnotic.
    I want to hold it in my hand.

  4. Love them... I just want to touch them. Then stare some more :)
    New to your blog & will keep reading! x

  5. Wow! This images are amazing!

    Thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you liked the Bettie Page store! The dresses and bathing suits are to die for!

    hope you're having a nice weekend! ;)


  6. I honestly didn't know what it was till you said it was ink in water. Those pictures are pretty amazing! Hope you had a lovely weekend =] x

  7. wow these are amazing, honestly stared at them for ages. Thanks for sharing :)


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