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i want to introduce this post by talking about blogger friends. there have been a couple moments recently when i realized i consider my online friends...as actual friends. the first being, when i mailed out a link to my wedding photos, and i was scrolling through my email contacts looking for friends and family to click. i found myself stopping on all of my online blogging friends. now, i didn't actually send them the link, that may have been odd, but the point is i felt the urge to! secondly, i was considering getting rid of all my clothes, and missed a clothing swap at a friends place. so i thought about just emailing all my friends and letting them know they can stop by and pick through my clothes. when i considered who those friends would be, again i thought "my blogger friends - too bad they can't 'stop by'." anyways, maybe i'm a total dork but i find a real sense of community online.

today at isavirtue we have a guest post by one of my blogger friends - gentri lee. gentri and i bonded over our fear of flying and our love for giveaways. i'm so excited to have her here today. she is going to show you a diy - and it's a skill that is not in my own arsenal so pay attention!

"hello to all of you isavirtue readers! my name is gentri and i am visiting from my blog, gentri lee. i was so excited to win kaitlyn's giveaway which included this guest post. i've never won a giveaway before and was beginning to think it was impossible! (*a note from kaitlyn, gentri doesn't know this but when kaitlyn's husband pulled out the giveaway names he read her name as "gunther!")

today i'm going to show you how to make a rug. what's that? you don't think you can do it? well i have news for you! this is just about the easiest thing i've ever made - and that's coming from someone who stinks when it comes to crafting. oh, and i'm so sorry for the terrible photos. i don't have my computer at the moment and can't use my camera because of it. so you get iphone photos. hooray!

supplies |
heavy fabric - upholstery  fabric or really heavy fabric
rubber backing (you can find this at any fabric store)
e6000 glue
tape measure

first | you'll need to measure the space you want the rug to go. mine was small - just 37x30

second | you'll need to cut your fabric and rubber backing according to the measurements you took. i left an inch extra around the rubber backing - this makes it easier later.

third | lay your fabric upside down and place the rubber backing on top, then simply glue the rubber backing to the fabric. do not lay it with the backing on the bottom or the glue will leak through to your table! i pinned them together on the sides i wasn't gluing at the moment to keep it from slipping out of place.

fourth | let it dry for a good eight hours or more. when it's fully dry, go ahead and trim the edges - and then you're done.

now you've got a great rug made specifically for your space without the giant price tag (note: i used a fur fabric so i don't need to worry about fraying. if you pick a fabric that may fray, there are edging products you can buy).

i made this rug for my mom's surprise birthday craft room makeover. if you want to see the rest of the room and crafts, i'll be posting pictures today on my blog and the reveal pictures tomorrow! just pop on over to my blog (click here) and let me know you're visiting from isavirtue!

thank-you so much kaitlyn for letting me visit!


  1. hahahahahahahahaha!!! GUNTHER! That is hilarious. :) I've never gotten that one before.

    Thank you again Kaitlyn! I am so happy that we are blogger friends and I can completely relate to considering blogger friends as real friends. :) I talk to them more than a lot of my real friends anyways... haha!

  2. So cute, and looks much easier than I ever would have thought! I'm adding "make a rug" to my list of crafts I want to do. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh that is awesome! I will have to try to make one when I move into my next place :) Super cute.

    Ashley Sloan

  4. Aww, this is lovely,
    nice post!

    Henar ♥
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  5. what a great idea. Love the fabric

  6. this is such a fabulous idea for a diy project! and it's so easy as well. thank you for sharing this, love! (: also, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. <3 i'm definitely gonna try making this rug soon! xxx

  7. This is the best idea ever. I'm so excited about this. I usually see DIYs and think "good idea, not for me" but this is so easy I'll totally do it!

  8. That looks so awesome and doable! Thanks for sharing!!


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