dress desires

i am dying over these beautiful new pieces from my favourite online shop - all saints and all saints uk. these dresses are exquisite and in fact i have been drooling over promotional pictures of this first one for months. it's finally online but of course i forgot it would be way above my budget and therefore cause my mind to fight with my heart. and love love love the little dresses but they are so summery...and maybe too much for this girl's chest?


  1. Gorgeous stuff! I'm afraid to look at the site for my credit card's sake ;)

  2. In looooooove with the middle two!!!

  3. The first one is my favorite! I love anything with ruffles hehe


  4. Okay, first of all, you have a million dresses just like the first one. haha - you don't need it.

    Second of all, you should have felt the material at the all saints store in London when I was there... so soft... so pretty...

    Lastly, you would look fabulous in all of these pieces. Get them. ;)


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