feature art friday

on monday i went to the art gallery of greater victoria for a volunteer appreciation night (every couple of weeks i visit children in local schools and we discuss art). anyways, i took a tour of a flora themed exhibition. i think it was good for me because it was (unfortunately) the kind of art i would normally walk by without much interest. however, hearing the curator talk about the pieces during the tour brought new light to the art (as it always does, without fail.*) on the way out i popped into a petite little gallery called "the lab." i was totally taken with what i found inside - a collection of colourless little dream scenes.

as described by the aggv website "victoria artist blair taylor transforms the lab into an archive of his subconscious illustrating the eerie and absurd narratives that play out night after night in his dreams." i thought it was excellent and although they are his dreams, an accurate representation of the frightening possibilities that occur in our subconscious, as well at the total and complete senselessness. i struggled to find pictures of this work as i think the artist is quite new, or at least these pieces are. i photographed the take-a-way brochure to show you more. 

* gosh, you'd think i'd remember my own motto "all you need is to learn one thing about a piece of art and then you can come to...if not like it, at least respect it."


  1. Wow, that sounds (and looks) fascinating. Would have loved to see that :)

  2. These are disturbing but very interesting. And oddly, kind of exactly how I would picture "dream art" to be...

  3. Hey Patience, thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog! ^_^ I replied!!!

    I've never gone to an art gallery, however I'm a member of deviantART and can easily spend hours looking at art of all sorts. Drawings, paintings, sculpting, miniature making, etc. LOVE IT!!!


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