my husband's speech

today i came home and j had returned and replaced our crappy dvd player, swept the balcony, washed the sheets and blankets, bought a new file cabinet to replace the box we were using, and a countertop grill, and a long lighter for my fire pot, and finally, a lounge chair so i can be a kitten in the sun and read on the balcony. then he took me to get bathing suits and cover-ups for our trip to hawaii next week. you don't know j, but this kind of organization...heck, this much productivity in one day is not really his style.

he also did one more thing i had previously asked for: he had dug out the speech he recited at our wedding reception three weeks ago. and since he was so wonderful and helpful today, it felt like an appropriate time to share it with you.

"i must start by saying, kaitlyn, i love you so much, and you have made me the single happiest man on the planet. i am a little sorry for making you wait so long but i promise it will all be worth it. i am so looking forward, and even get a little giddy, when i think of all the great things we are going to do and experience together.

for those of you that don't know kaitlyn that well, her constant companion and oldest friend is actually her pillow. i don't think kaitlyn has gone longer than twenty-four hours without it in decades. with that being said, that is my number one goal in life...to be able to calm you and soothe you better than your trusty pillow. plainly, i want to be your rock...pillow, baby.

can i please get everyone to stand and join me in a toast.
to my wife, for life."

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  1. Anonymous6.5.11

    Such a sweet toast your husband made. All the best wedding speeches are when they are a personal reference to the bride and groom as a couple. Thanks for sharing this with us. :) congrats to you both.

  2. so sweet!!! and thank you for popping by my blog today and saying kind words. your blog is so cute!!

  3. I've seen your work on some other blogs! So lovely! :) Thank you for your comment on my blog! I didn't take a screen shot, but I saved the template. Does that count? haha!

  4. Really touchy and authentic speech :)


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