the other day i stumbled across 52 projects. at first i was mildly intrigued but as i began to read each project i became totally entranced by them! i think i absolutely have to do these projects. many of them deal with mail*, letters, art, books, and photographs - all of the things i love. below are snippets of my favourites and a couple extra for you to check out. i will begin on june eigth with project number one and post each consecutive project for the next fifty-one wednesdays following this.

my favourites:

#29 | get a regular-sized envelope. address it to someone special. then, stuff it with as many things as you can: a letter, photographs, ripped-out magazine articles...

#50 | go to the library. find your favorite writer's books. then, see which writer comes next on the shelf...start reading.

#20 | write some letters. then, go to the library and place the letters in some books. or, place them in books at a used bookstore.

#15 | set up an art gallery in your apartment/house...

#37 | take a picture of every place you have ever lived...

*speaking of mail, stay tuned for a special project i am developing and will debut later this month!


  1. Anonymous5.5.11

    That's so neat! Love this idea. Where did you find this?



  2. I especially love #20. I've started doing this but instead of leaving them in books (which I will now do as well), I leave them in people's bike baskets or hidden in crevices in a public washroom to be found at some random point in the near or distant future... It's fun and adventurous!


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