the papery

i love nothing better than a day off. on these magical days, i like to do one of two things:
1. sit at home in my pajamas and surround myself with my stamps, three pairs of scissors (no significant differences, i'm just constantly misplacing them, usually between the couch cushions*), and lots and lots of paper!
2. prance around downtown and pretend i am a fashionista or a professional photographer, of which i am neither.

today i opted for the latter. while downtown i visited the papery - a store I try to get to whenever i have a chance. it's full of so many different kinds of paper, note books, and stationery i literally have to talk myself out of having a conniption. today i picked up a calligraphy pen with refillable inks. i will conquer you wedding place cards!

the papery on fort street in victoria, bc

*j hates when i lose them between the cushions and i have been lectured multiple times.


  1. I love paper!! and your blog :D

  2. ahhh...paper...it's a love affair...i have a closet full of vintage paper that is finally coming out of hiding. I love it! and your blog is awesome.

  3. That looks like heaven! :)

  4. Scissors in the couch are unsafe... I'm with J on this one.


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