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The style of my current bedroom closet is standard. There is a lot of empty space, then a rod, and a shelf at the top. I fill the empty space with storage containers that have drawers. This allows me to pull out and place in objects with ease (mostly...pretty much...that's the idea anyways). But up on the shelf, where I have to stand on my tippy toes to reach, I pile things.

I stack packs of paper, uncut greeting cards, boxes of stationery seconds, paper bags...and a cashbox, which is forever falling onto my head. This pile of things (all useful and vital), is the bane of my cramped existence. I've never wanted to live in a large home (especially since more room usually equals more stuff - not something I want). However, I do desperately want a studio/workshop/craft space where I can stretch out a bit and put things away in a proper home.

In my dream world this space is above ground, with a large window and lots of natural light. The walls would be white, cupboards would abound, and I would have a large flat-top in the middle of the room for packing, wrapping and creating.

Here's a secret: I love our son, and the nursery we created for him is absolute perfection. But his room would make such a great studio! I'm sometimes very jealous of him and imagine what it would be like if the space belonged to me. The light is always perfect in there. Check-out it:

There may be a three bedroom home for us on the horizon. But in the meantime I am dreaming about this... (all images can be found on my craft room pin board)


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