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yesterday my son walked right across the room. it was more steps than i had ever seen him take. i sensed that he was going to do it so i pulled out my phone, put it on video mode and hit record. of the ten steps he took, i recorded a total of one. why? because my phone is so full of photographs (mostly of him!), i didn't have enough memory to take a video.

 i'm actually pretty ruthless as it is about narrowing down an impromptu photoshoot to the best one (i wrote a post about baby photograpy here). but clearly i'm not being quite as cutthroat as i need to be. i know what you're thinking - "why doesn't she just upload the photos to her computer?" well first of all: my computer is ancient and can't take that kind of baby cuteness overload. but also, most of these photos just aren't "the best"...so why am i saving them?

these are some examples of my baby photo streams. i followed my rules:

blurry? delete it
cluttered? delete it
emphatically not cute? delete it (this is a toughie! he's so cute!)

and after that it's just about finding the one. sometimes it's a picture of jack's face, or sometimes it's an image from behind. it's the photo that makes me say "awwwwwwww. perfection."

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