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over the past couple of weeks i've sent out some fun pieces of mail. for my good friend kristy i let loose and created some "perk-you-up" colourful mail art (i even splattered it with paint, so unlike me!). for another, i sewed a fabric pouch into a card and tucked in some "get well" tea bags (inside not pictured, just outside). for my old friend samantha, i played with the concept of a traditional "envelope" by wrapping her letter in a transparency and closing it with washi-tape. and for my old boss louise i put together what i consider the perfect piece of mail (which means the envelope is fun, the letter is long enough but not too long, and it comes with a personal token and a fun trinket - who wouldn't want to receive that??).

and in return from samantha, i received a cross-stitched (wait no, what is the name for those things??) santa and mrs. claus. totally tickled me and will be going on my christmas tree this year.

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