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sometimes when i create something i think "why haven't i always been doing this?" or "this is such an obvious product why did it take me four years to make it?"

but then i think back to where i began and see that it would have been impossible. because while some creations are sudden and genius, most develop slowly over time. and while i don't think i've ever created anything genius, the slow but steady approach seems to be how my stationery develops over time. which is sort of crazy considering i move pretty quickly when i have an idea i am excited about  (after 3.5 years of never selling cards i thought up, designed and sourced supplies for a whole line of 50 cards in under a month!)

i talk a little bit here about the progression and goal of an aesthetic in my online shop - and touch on the colour phases i went through. but today i want to focus on holiday products.

below are images which depict the major changes in my products and style. each section spans from 2010 to 2014. it's very interesting to see how some themes and colours are evident in the earlier years and then come back around again in later years (like the kraft colours, the simplicity). it's also neat to watch the progression of my text designs. in the earlier envelopes you can see my first attempt at lettering with the "visions of sugarplums" text. later you can see a similar but much more mature version of the same text!

i think the most important changes i have made over the years is moving from items and images that i think other people will enjoy to making choices that suit my own tastes. because while it is tempting to try and please everyone else, i don't think your branding and creations are successful unless they speak to who you are.

* i apologize profusely for the small and terrible images. i think my photography has progressed as well!

gift tags



extra goodies

gift wrap


  1. Holy moly--I need that wrapping paper in my life!! All of it.

    Love your shop--new to the blog. Those metallic envelopes with the stamps completely pull all of my heartstrings. <3

  2. These are gorgeous! Oh my gosh I want them all, beautiful job.


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