art vs. art | lis bailly vs. micah crandall bear

this is one of my favourite versions of art vs. art. why? because we're mixing media! two different artists, with similar results - though each used a different medium. in 2011 i posted about the photography work of lis bailly. i did such a good job of describing the photos and how they made me feel, that i encourage you to go back and read that. and then last week i was flipping through leslie's instagram (the clever artsy forager) and i stopped in my tracks when i saw a painting by micah crandall bear. the similarities are stunning! 

when comparing the two, you can feel the technological aspect of lis' work (i'm assuming there is an element of alteration after the photo has been taken, but i could be entirely wrong). micah's pieces are softer, closer to the reality of our world. i love the precision of the lines in lis' photographs, but the "imperfections" in micah's that allude to sloping hills and setting suns are intriguing. so i just can't decide - which do you prefer?

i feel it's important to add that both artists have a wide array of images in their portfolios and it's worth clicking the links above to discover more.

lis bailly

micah crandall bear

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