new horizons | lis bailly

photography is a tough medium for me to understand, but certainly a subject i'm desperate to learn more about. luckily though, i have no problems appreciating it. on thursday i stopped into a great little gallery here in victoria called "luz" and came across the work of lis baily. i meant to include this post yesterday but i figured it could just keep until next friday. then i walked by the gallery again this morning and thought "nope, that's too great to wait."

it's really the type of thing you have to see in person so i'm including a link to a video in the gallery here. i'm enthralled with the way the images look from afar: like fields and sky blurring as you drive quickly past. upon closer inspection however, they appear to be sets of horizontal coloured stripes, with just hints of hills and trees along the horizon line. please watch the video after looking at these images as it just doesn't do them justice!

i love it even more after reading lis' own words (from the video): "the simple line of the horizon that celebrates the transition between earth, air, water and the fire of sunrise and sunset."

all images from luz gallery.
contact luz for more information.

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  1. Ah-mazingg!

    This work is just so different and somewhat inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing. :o)



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