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this beginner's guide to buying original art is created by jess of the stroke blog - but she might as well be right inside my head. since we wholeheartedly agree on every piece of advice below, i asked if she would mind if i posted this graphic. i'll share some of my own thoughts - but for the the full detail notes, visit the original post.

it's true - you don't have to whisper in galleries. we took jackson to an art gallery this weekend and jon said "shhh sniffy, you have to be quiet in here." and i shouted "no you don't!" i mean, besides the fact that there was no one else in the gallery, it's wonderful to discuss the artwork to make the experience more interactive. not that a two month old baby can discuss art...but maybe he wants to coo his enjoyment?

yes to gallery width canvases. just YES.

bargaining can be tricky in the art world. just because you are purchasing straight from the artist doesn't mean you will get the piece for half of the gallery price. there are rules - read more in the original post.

definitely chat with whomever is selling you the art - not only to learn about the medium and how to care for it, but also to learn about the artist and any stories surrounding the work. this information makes it special, and a real conversation piece for when you have guests!

thanks jess!

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