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my absolute favourite type of blog post is one that is full of links. as i mentioned here, i just love falling into an internet rabbit hole! starting at one site, and ending up somewhere totally different like toucan sam (following my nose?). it's even better when i come across a link love or weekend links post and a blogger who does all the work for me. so i figured since i love discovering new and unique links, i should share some of my own each week!

one | my mobile loving heart is eating these cuties right up.

two | can you imagine the time it takes to make these embroidered greeting cards? or diy your own, simpler variation.

three | label and add some class to your book collection with this bookplate download

four | well, these are just adorable!

five | i'm obsessed with finding chic little boy brands like this one

six | he doesn't post that often, but his inspirational hand lettering is worth following.

seven | i really want to make these, but we aren't "interesting sock people" so i would have to buy some first ;)

eight | i didn't even know side snap onesies existed...but does anyone know how the other side is secured underneath?

nine |  celebrities who chose their middle name over their first

ten | is this company the new moo?

eleven | oh, and it's the last day to celebrate national letter writing month by taking 25% off in my stationery shop with the coupon code LETTERLOVER

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