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do you ever get lost in the internet? who am i kidding - of course you do! sometimes it's distracting, and sometimes it's frustrating. but when i have the time and don't have to feel guilty for shirking any of my responsibilities, getting lost in a tangent can be downright fun and inspiring. it's one of the reasons i love the blogging world. there is so much creativity, talent and opportunity to be discovered.

i have recently discovered the mac keyboard shortcut "command click." it's kind of my pet peeve when sites don't let links open in a new window - specifically when it's a 'link love' type of post or a list of items that can be found or purchased elsewhere. i just don't understand why anyone would want to send away visitors. and with so much happening in front of us while wandering online, it's not always easy to remember where you started. command click opens links in a new tab (which is a better than a separate window woohoo!) and i can travel there right away (without losing my original link list) or i can save it till i finish the article or post at hand.

i just love getting lost on a tangent of links lately so here are two of my most reason chain reactions:

tangent one:

visited and kathleen's instagram feed for my daily dose of newborn baby bliss photos

clicked on this photo because it wasn't a baby pic and that intrigued me

found a link to darling magazine on instagram

visited the darling magazine website

clicked into the confidant tab and read this article about mom/work at home balance which is going to be me for the next four-seven months.

clicked into the achiever tab and read this article about finding mentors in your chosen career

remembered this assistant curator job posting and was inspired to reconnect with the curator i met via email despite not being able to apply for the position (she struck me as someone who would make a wonderful mentor)

end tangent.

tangent two: 

google "learn calligraphy" and ended up here at shabby loves chic

i followed a number of those links and...

was reminded about this calligraphy course - which i had considered in the past and am considering again

discovered this lovely blog by new mama tristan b and added it to my bloglovin' list

read some of these interviews

...and also ended up wandering around the flourish forum for awhile

end tangent.

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