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when i found out i was pregnant last summer, i knew i wanted a lot of advice from other mothers. the catch was... i didn't necessarily want it in person, and i didn't want the pressure of having to respond. coincidentally, many of the bloggers i had been following for some time, such as kathleen, savannah and elise, were now pregnant and navigating newborns as well. although these women don't know me from eve, to me they feel like old friends! and the best part is perusing he comment sections because mothers and pregnant women all over the world use the opportunity to chime in. doing research on a topic is all well and good, but it has been incredibly helpful to read twenty or thirty comments from different people on subjects such as morning sickness, gender, baby gear and breastfeeding.

there were other bloggers whom i started to follow purely because they were pregnant. and some, like emily, tristan, jo and bonnie have blogs i fell in love with for other reasons as well.

all of these women* have different approaches to pregnancy, and different journeys. some planned home births, some ended up having a caesarean (planned and unplanned). one thing they all seem to have in common is that they are strong, creative woman, many of whom have small businesses and work from home.

emily hendersen from style by emily henderson

jenny highsmith from jenny highsmith / maiedae

savannah wallace from maiedae

bonnie christine from going home to roost

tristan b from besotted blog

ravyn stadick from the oregon tale

kathleen shannon from and kathleen

elise blaha cripe from enjoy it

joanna goddard

and of course, my own blog posts!

kaitlyn patience from isavirtue

*i also love all of the names they chose for their children! is there a rule that well known bloggers have to pick unique names...like celebrities?


  1. that is a well dressed set of pregnant women!

  2. Thanks for the lovin' ... Just saw this today. Excited to keep up with your blog. :)


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