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when i lived in victoria, my mother came to visit in early march. granted it snowed while she was there - a freak storm that was entirely unexpected at that time of year on that particular coast. but despite that, she kept commenting on how green everything was - the trees, the grass and even the flowers and shrubs (she planted flowers in my garden during aforementioned snowfall so that should tell you something). but still i didn't get her exclamatory statements about the greeness. i guess after having lived there for seven months, i was already jaded and took it for granted how alive the land was year round!

but now, living in ontario and seeing the snow melt - i'm reminded at how winter ravages everything. the ground is brown and muddy, all of the trees are bare and everything is dead. i have no doubt it will snow again, even in april. still, the weather has warmed a bit, and when i open the windows i can hear beautiful birdsongs all day long.

i love the illustrative nature of these artworks. though i couldn't find much about the artist, hukurou illustration can be found here. like the scene outside my window, there is a hint of colour and an abstraction of sunshine that makes me hope for spring.

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