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irony at it's best

in order to be organized pre-baby arrival, i had to go through my etsy stationery shop and update all of the shipping costs to align with the canada post changes taking place april 1, 2014. thank goodness my other online business is connected to canada post and shipping costs will be calculated for me. in mid december, canada post announced a number of major changes including lay offs, reduced door to door delivery, and major price increases:

i had a heck of a time trying to find the actual price increases as the only ones which had been announced were the changes to the cost of single stamps vs. coils and packs. the increased weights for domestic mailings were difficult to find and the new cost of u.s. and international postage was almost impossible to locate. as it was evening, i ended up calling a post office on the west coast to find out. she told me the prices and then laughed and said "we actually just found out ourselves a day ago. they told us before they told everyone else...which is new."

i have not been able to figure out whether parcel costs will increase (i hope not, it already costs me 8 dollars to send these to the states, but 14 dollars to send one to canada - how does that make sense??). i did find one source that said parcel costs will remain the same so i'm crossing my fingers. to assist others, i have listed some april 2014 canada post letterpost prices below. there are two more levels with even higher weights/rates, but unless you're sending centimetre thin sheets of silver or cd's made of gold, i don't think those will really come into play.

can i call your attention to the cost of international postage?
dear australian and united kingdom stationery customers,
thank-you for your years of dedicated patronage and interest in my creations. i totally get it however, if you no longer purchase from my shop because these shipping costs are insane. to send one pack of $2.50 paper costs $2.50. that's painful no?

up to 29 grams
CAN: $1.00 (or .85 in a coil/pack)
US: $1.20
INTL: $2.50 (!!)

30-50 grams
CAN: $1.20
US: $1.80
INTL: $3.60 (!!)

51-100 grams
CAN: $1.80
US: $2.95
INTL: $5.19 (!!)

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